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Nash Ramadhen

Nash is our Non Exec Chairman. His experience spans over 28 years at a Senior Executive level, working in the Public Safety and Security Communication Solutions. He has worked in the UK and Overseas with many clients on highly prestigious communication projects for Public Safety, including the UK National Police Airwave (Tetra) Upgrades, the National Firelink Project, and Department of Health Ambulance Radio Replacement Project. Also worked in the Middle East on various projects, for the Oil & Gas sector and local Governments.   Most recently he was Managing Director and Shareholder of Cyfas Systems which was successfully acquired by Motorola/Airwave.

Justin Staines

Justin started programming when 12 after he built his first computer a Sinclair ZX80 from a kit. Justin passed his O-level in Computer Science 2 years early without ever having to sit any lessons in school, just by submitting a Z80 machine code program that calculated PI. Justin was offered a unconditional place at Peterhouse College Cambridge but decided to drop out and immediately started working for Cyfas Systems where he was to meet his business partner Nash.
Justin has several filed and many granted patents including 1 being cited by Apple and Samsung in the iPad and Galaxy Note. Whilst at WACOM, Justin span out his own mixed signal ASIC, the W8002, manufactured by Austrian Micro Systems using his novel coil designs.
One of Justin's patents for altering the polarisation of light is being cited by Beijing Optical to enhance fibre-optic data transmissions.. His code has been shipped in more than 1 million applications. He was one of the winners of the Dassault Fintech 2013 and 2015 competition, was alumni of the Accenture Fintech Lab 2014 and 2016 in Canary Wharf, and was one of the winners in the John Lewis/JLAB 2017 cohort with his retail store footfall predictive software.
Justin is a polymath and not only is competent in electronics hardware design using Altium, he is a full stack software developer in any language and mechanical design engineer proficient in Autocad, and after spending over 10 years at WACOM is an expert at creating creative marketing content using his tablet and Adobe Photoshop.

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