Our business divisions

Technology Sales, Channel Creation and Product Development

Founded over 4 years ago we are the production development and technology sales division of Yellow Submarine. Compared with other representative firms and technology consultancies we are happy to help bootstrap start up businesses with a good idea wanting to break into the consumer retail, blue light, OEM electronics and fintech sectors.

Pre-Crime premonition platform

Based on our plaudit winning explainable AI (XAI) machine learning platform and using streaming data from the Police data base, Heimdall allows you to predict crimes before they happen.


Global Communications for free


Imagine a handy that requires no infrastructure and can make calls and Whatsapp messages worldwide for free. Based on our novel patent pending machine learning technology we are planning to launch our new product shortly.


Predicting the global economy in real-time

crowdalpha is a data-overlay and alert service that gives up to 24 hours warning of impending large directional movements in any financial instrument in any asset class (entire exchanges like the NYSE ARCA, cash instruments, securities, individual stocks (such as AAPL), derivatives such as futures. Our data is streamed directly by the 8th largest stock exchange company globally, trading more daily notional volume than the London Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange. Available to everyone from Jan 2020.