Yellow Submarine is the parent company of Tufuta Location Analytics, Quantum Glue and Quantum Dynamics Global. Our software technology is based on algorithms taking unstructured data from multiple big data sources and structuring it, using Google Firebase non relational database to store data blobs. Unlike Predictive Analytics or model based algorithms use no past historic data. Taking 3 hours realtime data and predict with 96% accuracy next 21 hours. Unlike Predictive analytics we can predict exogenous events (disruptive, black swan). Multiple patents filed our bleeding edge algorithms are unique, are not taught in academia and are therefore not being used by other data scientists. The same technology used for footfall has been used to create an MVP for Stock Market prediction using IEX API and also MVP for Bedfordshire Police Force to Predict Future Crimes

Tufuta Location Analytics

Tufuta finds remotely how busy a venue or retail store is, including past historic data with minute by minute granularity allowing you to plan your footfall.The software works with a simple JSON file with name of store, location and the time and our API responds with the required data. The software doesn't require any people counting hardware to be installed and works on any location around the world.

Visually Stunning Interactive Dashboards

Know peak times for footfall

Know how many people are in any location in realtime

Our moonshot is to be able to give real time footfall data in every location on the globe and a 24 hour forecast, much like “Dark Sky” acquired by APPLE, but for footfall.

TUFUTA is a SaaS (Software as a service) company. Unique clustering algorithms transpose data to Hilbert Space using Quantum modelling. Entropy based clustering can remotely detect footfall in over 86% locations worldwide in realtime and predict the next 23 hours footfall. Footfall data is based on unstructured real time cell phone data and in real time calibrated with real footfall data recorded through cameras or till receipts. We are the only software only, realtime, no hardware required, solution to give real time footfall data anywhere on the globe.TUFUTA was created from an award winning idea our CTO Justin Staines had on the 2017 John Lewis (JLAB) accelerator. Over the next 3 years our CTO developed the software so it could be scaled effortlessly. We got our first customers in 2021 mainly in local authorities and retailers, but have also attracted OEM’s and we are an approved supplier for a well known major financial institution. We are also creating a UK high street index which will be published live shortly.
We have a core patent filed for our technology A Method and System for the Detection and Measurement of Footfall Using Fuzzified Data Transposed to Quantum Hilbert Space with a Plurality of Mobile Devices Patent number GB2212871.4

Quantum Glue

Quantum Glue is the IP holding company for the IPR for the application of our predictive algorithms, know how, trade marks, patents and source code for Tufuta and the retail application of our technology

Quantum Dynamics Global

Quantum Dynamics Global is the IP holding company for the IPR for the application of our predictive algorithms, know how, trade marks, patents and source code for the stock market prediction, future crimes, crowd control and other applications non-retail specific of our technology. Our platform for stock market prediction has not been deployed commercially but is just as accurate as the software we are supplying into the retail market. Without the need for past historic data we can predict with over 90% accuracy large movements in stocks, ETF's, equities and currencies over the next 21 hours with just 3 hours of rolling continuous data. This type of black swan detection is ideal to allow a trader to exit a strategy, or short their position.