increase your alpha. trade earlier. fresher data.

unparalleled insights into consumer foot-traffic

increase your alpha. trade earlier. fresher data.

unparalleled insights into consumer foot-traffic

global. intelligent. unique.

helping you choose the highest footfall retail space for your outlet     


We tell you about stock and forex movements before they happen using our alternative data lake


We offer a unique, remote, global people counting solution that does not rely on any hardware and is 100% privacy compliant.

From an original idea formed during the John Lewis & Waitrose JLAB 2017 accelerator, our software can detect footfall in any location anywhere in the world. From North America, to Europe, from Vietnam and China and throughout Russia. Any location can be called every 10 seconds, delivering occupancy data as a flat CSV, Interactive Dashboard or a RESTful API.

We have been supplying footfall data for major retailers, luxury goods, restaurants, shopping malls, retail investment funds and local and central governments for over 5 years helping them to understand, optimise and create value from physical spaces.

Our technology uses a unique stack of Machine Learning algorithms comprising neural networks, Fourier transforms transposed to Hilbert space and using higher level mathematical models not taught in academia. All our algorithms have been coded from the ground up, not using anyone else's IP.

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Our own private data lake pulls in data on how many people are in millions of locations every day. Trade FX on our Country Retail indices or pick from over 100 equities trading on the SPX500, AS52, Nikkei, FTSE100, STOXX600, HSI, Shenzhen, Shanghai, NSE and Singapore stock exchanges.

If physical retail stores are publicly quoted, have enough traded liquidity and the majority of the sales are store based not online, then it is possible to use our data to create predictive models to make an inference on what the equity price will be. We have over 100 equities trading that fit this criteria. We either have 3 years historic data in our data lake, or can provide a retro in a short amount of time.

Liquid names with majority of sales offline and majority of stores in UK:
B&M (Bloomberg = BME LN; Reuters = BMEB.L; ISIN = LU1072616219)
M&S (Bloomberg = MKS LN; Reuters = MKS.L; ISIN = GB0031274896)
Sainsbury's (Bloomberg = SBRY LN; Reuters = SBRY.L; ISIN = GB00B019KW72)
Tesco (Bloomberg = TSCO LN; Reuters = TSCO.L; ISIN = GB00BLGZ9862)

We have identified additional stocks that have lower liquidity or have lots of stores outside of the UK too. These would not necessarily be suitable for systematic funds but would still be of interest to more quantamental / fundamental funds:

Dominos Pizza Group PLC  (Bloomberg = DOM LN; Reuters = DOM.L; ISIN = GB00BYN59130)
Card Factory (Bloomberg = CARD LN; Reuters = CARDC.L; ISIN = GB00BLY2F708)
BT Group (with EE data) (Bloomberg = BT/A LN; Reuters = BT.L; ISIN = GB0030913577)
Greggs (Bloomberg = GRG LN; Reuters = GRG.L; ISIN = GB00B63QSB39)
Halfords (Bloomberg = HFD LN; Reuters = HFD.L; ISIN = GB00B012TP20)
JD Sports Fashion PLC (Bloomberg = JD/ LN; Reuters = JD.L; ISIN = GB00BM8Q5M07)
Next (Bloomberg = NXT LN; Reuters = NXT.L; ISIN = GB0032089863)
Associated British Foods (Primark data) (Bloomberg = ABF LN; Reuters = ABF.L; ISIN = GB0006731235)
Frasers Group (with Sports Direct data) (Bloomberg = FRAS LN; Reuters = FRAS.L; ISIN = GB00B1QH8P22)
Wetherspoons (Bloomberg = JDW LN; Reuters = JDW.L; ISIN = GB0001638955)
WH Smiths (Bloomberg = SMWH LN; Reuters = SMWH.L; ISIN = GB00B2PDGW16)
Inditex (Zara data) (Bloomberg = ITX SM; Reuters = ITX.MC; ISIN = ES0148396007)


We offer a unique, remote, software only global people counting solution. Not using third party mobile applications or having to install hardware such as cameras or sensors. We seamlessly count people from street into stores, anywhere in the world including dwell time, every 9 seconds.

The Yellow Submarine edge

Better accuracy, better coverage, easier set up, higher frequency. No installation or site visits required and real-time data from day one. Global coverage with fast set up.

Footfall evolution

Alternative Data

As of 2024, the global alternative data market is valued at approximately $11 billion. In the space of just 12 months, the alternative data market expanded by $1.7 billion ($2.7 billion in 2021 to $4.4 billion in 2022). And the market grew by over $2 billion between 2022 and 2023 according to Grand View Research.

Retail Analytics

The people counting market alone is already worth $1.1 billion, expected to record a valuation of USD 6 billion by 2028, according to the most recent study by Global Market Insights Inc.

This is why we have identified this fast growing space and created a unique technology to exploit this burgeoning market without the need for installing cumbersome hardware.

Different People Counting Technologies

Manual -
reasonably accurate but human, costly, limited coverage
Sensors - reasonably accurate, cheaper, installation delays, limited coverage
Cameras - more accurate, coverage and compliance issues
Apps - more accurate when location service is on, requires app integration, coverage approx. 50%, compliance issues
Yellow Submarine - software only, accurate, fast, global, higher frequency, compliance free, ecological, the future of people counting

Accuracy as good as camera data thanks to our patent pending AI and calibration process

CSV, RESTful JSON API, Dashboards

As our software is written by data scientists, we provide data ready for data scientists. Either a flat file CSV or JSON for training your model through to new JSON API end point for new inferences. For visualising data sets we provide a web front end so you can check the data looks good


Even if you're not a data scientist and don't want to build models using our alternative data, using our easy to read dashboards you can quickly see trends and make investment decisions before your competitors


Our data once calibrated has been shown to be as accurate as camera data and unlike cameras you don't have to worry about the power going off, installations, people pointing them in the wrong direction. Also unlike cameras, as this is our data lake we can get footfall from any geo location worldwide


Designing by data scientists for data scientists we offer flat CSV files, JSON API, upload to AWS and everything ready to put into you own custom build predictive model in R or Python or predictive analytics platforms like BigML or Datarobot. Contact us for our data dictionary.

Find the alpha

Higher frequency data provides predictability for trading across asset classes.
Getting our data before government official data, or competitors.


Please contact us for customised pricing based on the specific locations you require


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500 Data Points
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2500 Data Points
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5000+ Data Points
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On Premise or Edge Solution

We are also able to supply an on-premise solution for private cloud or hybrid cloud solutions. 
Each appliance can process several million API requests, store petabytes of storage and complies with on premise data sovereignty UK regulations, or wherever you host our hardware.
Due to the architecture the hardware is easily scalable and additional compute can be added effortlessly.

当社は、ハードウェアに依存せず、プライバシーに 100% 準拠した、ユニークなリモートのグローバル人数カウント ソリューションを提供します

当社は、独自のリモートソフトウェアのみのグローバル人数カウント ソリューションを提供します。サードパーティのモバイル アプリケーションを使用したり、カメラやセンサーなどのハードウェアをインストールしたりする必要はありません。世界中どこにいても、街頭から店舗に入る人数を、滞在時間も含めて 9 秒ごとにシームレスにカウントします。


نحن نقدم حلاً عالميًا فريدًا وبعيدًا لإحصاء الأشخاص لا يعتمد على أي أجهزة ويتوافق مع الخصوصية بنسبة 100%.

نحن نقدم حلاً برمجيًا فريدًا عن بعد لإحصاء الأشخاص العالميين فقط. عدم استخدام تطبيقات الهاتف المحمول التابعة لجهات خارجية أو الاضطرار إلى تثبيت أجهزة مثل الكاميرات أو أجهزة الاستشعار. نحن نقوم بإحصاء الأشخاص بسلاسة من الشارع إلى المتاجر، في أي مكان في العالم، بما في ذلك وقت المكوث، كل 9 ثوانٍ.

الاشتراكيتعلم أكثر

אנו מציעים פתרון ייחודי, מרוחק, גלובלי לספירת אנשים, שאינו מסתמך על חומרה כלשהי ותואם ב-100% פרטיות.

נתונים חלופיים בזמן אמת תואמים ב-אנו מציעים פתרון ייחודי, מרוחק, פתרון ספירת אנשים גלובליים לתוכנה בלבד. אי שימוש ביישומים ניידים של צד שלישי או צורך בהתקנת חומרה כגון מצלמות או חיישנים. אנו סופרים בצורה חלקה אנשים מרחוב לחנויות, בכל מקום בעולם כולל זמן השהייה, כל 9 שניות.

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